Missing in Canada

Ashley Simpson

Ashley Simpson was 32 when she vanished from the home she shared with her boyfriend on Yankee Flats in Salmon Arm, BC. She was waiting for her boyfriend to pay her the money he owed her so she could go home. She was planning on working at a summer camp with her dad. This was an annual tradition and would have been their 5th year.

small baby with dark hair, in a white sleeper with red accents 1 or two year old girl with long dark hair and a red and white dress. pretty brunette with hair back in a pony tail wearing a baseball  cap and a large dragonfly necklace Ashley, smiling with brown hair put up in a bun with glasses and silver reindeer ears on top of her head in front of her father, a man wearing a red, Christmas hat, a grey beard and mustache, brown eyes and a suit
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