Missing in Canada

Daniel's Story:
Daniel Little

On April 30th, 2018 on his nephew's 4th birthday, co-host, Daniel Little disappeared in the very early morning hours. He was missing for 4 days. We were fortunate, we found Daniel. Now, we've made it our mission to help other families suffering what we went through for those 4 days.

The first glimpse we got of Daniel after he disappeared, captured by bank security. He looked fine, so what was he doing? We analyzed every inch of this image!
We immediately noticed he had put up his hood and the only logical reason to do that upon entering a building is to avoid cameras. This is when we realized either everyone was right that he had run off and we didn't know him as well as we thought we did or something was wrong mentally.
By the time Daniel snapped out of his "fugue state" and realized he needed to come home, he was in Saskatchewan where our aunt and cousin brought him home to their house until my dad could pick him up.
Daniel and our dad had a happy and emotional reunion. This is the first selfie they took on their way home
Then it was our turn for an emotional reunion. Here's Daniel hugging our mom while Marie (with very short hair) and Elizabeth wait.

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